Friday, April 24, 2009

Queer antho updates: deadline, payment, art

See earlier post on this page for general details on the GLBT-oriented anthology project. I've decided to have the deadline for it be JULY 15.  I'll read submissions and plan the book between then and Labor Day, with a plan of having the book ready to release shortly thereafter.

Payment will be a combo of two things: 1) $10 flat and e-copy of book, OR no cash but print copy of book; AND 2) Royalty split with writers after the cost of these "advances" is earned off. In other words, after I have sold enough copies to recover the cost of cash payments and contrib copies to writers, I'll split the profit with the writers. M-Brane will keep 50 percent to invest in the future, and the other 50 percent will be portioned out among the writers. Granted, this will only amount to a few cents per copy sold per writer (more on ebook sales than paper sales), but if we sell hundreds (or thousands?) of them, it will add up to a little something.

Art: I'd really like a nice piece of cover art for this thing, and I'd be willing to offer same terms to the artist as to the writers. The problem is that I am not sure how to evoke in an image the essence of "gay science fiction" without it being really cheesy. But an artist would know. One little guideline: I like "retro," but it's not necessary. Art subs can be sent to me as image attachments or shown to me on websites.

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