Friday, January 8, 2010

Submissions glitch!

Writers: I have discovered that two writers submitted stories to me during September that I somehow did not receive, not could I find any record of correspondence with them between the date the submission was sent and the date that they queried me about the status of their submission. I suspect that a day or so of my email was lost in the aether somehow. I recently cleared out the slush pile and have no pending submissions dated later than about the last week of December. So, if you a writer who has submitted a story to M-Brane SF before late December and feel that I have not responded, please email me at mbranesf at gmail dot com, and I will look into it. My response time is admittedly a bit erratic, ranging from same-day to perhaps three weeks, but it is never three or four months. So something is wrong if you have been waiting that long.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pre-order ERGOSPHERE by 12/24, M-Brane subscription included, add TWAN for super deal

UPDATE 12/27: I am extending this deal indefinitely...but it is good for US ORDERS ONLY!

The special trade paperback anthology Ergosphere, containing the stories that will also be published in PDF form as M-Brane #12, is available for pre-order now, and will be shipped by January 1.

This book is truly spectacular. Read this post on the main page for table of contents and other details about this special project, edited by Rick Novy.

It will sell on Amazon for $10.00 plus shipping, but I am offering a deal for readers who wish to order directly from me by December 24.

Pre-order Ergosphere directly from M-Brane, and get it for $12.00 shipping included, plus a one year subscription to the PDF edition of M-Brane SF (normally sold by itself for $12.00).


Even better:  Pre-order Ergosphere and buy a copy of the trade paperback edition of the stunning anthology Things We Are Not and get a free subscription to the M-Brane SF PDF for just $22.00, shipping for the books included. Sold separately, these three items would add up to $38.00 plus shipping. So this is  great deal. (By the way, one does not need to be gay to enjoy Things We Are Not. It is a collection of daring fiction that should be of interest to most readers of sf).

You can select either option with the Pay Pal button below. Pay Pal is quick, easy and safe. You do not need a Pay Pal account to use Pay Pal. You may use credit cards or electronic checks. This offer will end on 12/24.

Choose an option...

Friday, November 6, 2009

AETHER AGE guidelines posted!

Visit the new Aether Age blog to get the writers bible for the new shared world project from M-Brane SF and Hadley Rille Books. Submissions open 11/15/09 and close 1/30/10.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Submissions closed until 12/15!

I am having a reading hiatus for a few weeks.  The remaining issues of the year through #12 are full and closed and I don't want to get booked out past that right away. Also, I need some time to get a couple other side projects, such as Aether Age, launched. So I'm taking a break on reading zine submissions until December 15.  If you have a story in submission already, you can expect a reply shortly.

Monday, September 28, 2009


The pre-order period for print (for US domestic readers) and PDF editions ofThings We Are Not has begun. Go to the TWAN page for complete details. The print copy price of $16.99 includes shipping. Also a PDF subscription toM-Brane SF is included with both print and electronic editions of the book. This is a good deal.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rick Novy to guest edit issue #12

Submissions received between 7/15 and 8/31 will be considered for M-Brane #12, to be guest edited by Rick Novy. See the post on the main page for details.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Re-open to submissions for zine, still need more for queer antho

We're re-opened, but my RT may be a bit slower than normal for the next couple months (particularly on acceptances) because I am still booked out a bit further than I'd like, and I will also start being busy with reading for the queer anthology pretty soon.

Speaking of which, I am getting a fair number of submissions for the antho, but I'd like to see a lot more. I want this project to be really good. If it's a success, then next year we might do another one and possibly consider getting into some other kinds of book projects.

See the posts below for more details on the q-antho, and the column on the right down below all the purchasing information for the regular zine guidelines.